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Vancouver TALK 25: Grid-scale Gravity-based Electrical Energy Storage System


Speaker: Janos Toth, Vice President of Business Development, Gravient The topics will include the following: · The need for grid scale (larger than 20 MWh) energy storage · Challenges with the current grid scale energy storage technologies (pumped hydro, compressed air, hydrogen, Lithium Ion and other chemical batteries) · Development of gravity based lifted weigh ...

Work session at SAMSAT

Bldg: Education Center, San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology, 5035 SW 36th Street, San Antonio, Texas, United States, 78226

All IEEE members are invited to a work session in support of the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology SAMSAT is opening new meeting and exhibit space that will include a display of the IEEE Armstrong Traveling Exhibit that will open in July. Assistance is needed to help prepare the facilities for the opening. ...

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