About the Individual Service Awards

The IEEE Life Members Individual Service Awards is given annually to 10 Regional Life Members and one Life Member globally to honor superior individual contributions to the Life Members organization.

This award will be based a Life Members accomplishment during time as a Life Member until December of the preceding year. One award per region and one award globally can be granted annually; however, the award need not be awarded each year if there are no suitable recipients.

Life Member Individual Service Award Winners


  • Global Award: Koruthu Varughese
  • Region 1: Amitava Dutta-Roy, New York LMAG
  • Region 5: Lawrence S. Higgins, Lone Start LMAG
  • Region 6: Joe Decuir, Seattle LMAG
  • Region 7: Conrad Guelke, Vancouver LMAG
  • Region 8: Wim van Etten, Benelux LMAG
  • Region 10: Koruthu Varughese, India Council


  • Global Award: Dr. G. Thomas Bellarmine
  • Region 1: Lou Luceri
  • Region 7: Dr. John Harris
  • Region 8: Dr. Georgi Marko Dimirovski
  • Region 9: Gustavo Adrian del Pino
  • Region 10: Dr. Harbans Lal Bajaj


Nomination deadline:  15 April
Committee approval: May
Recipient notified: June


All Life Members in an LMAG that is in good standing are eligible for the Regional and Global Individual Service awards.
No LM may receive two Regional IEEE Life Members Distinguished Service Awards within two years. No LM may receive two Global IEEE Life Members Individual Service Awards within three years.

Basis for Judging

The excellence and the extraordinary contributions of the Life Members to the LMAG, Region, Life member community, and broader community.

Selection committee

  • Nominations reviewed by Regional Award Committee (Regional Awards)
  • Regional Award winners reviewed by Life Member Award Committee (Global Awards)
  • Life Members Committee approves all awards


  • Regional Award winner gets Plaque of Recognition typically given at Regional or Section events.
  • Global Award winner gets Plaque of Recognition typically awarded at a Regional event.

Instructions and guidelines for award nominations

Instructions (PDF)

Nominating Form (Word Format)

When completed, email your nomination to your Regional Life Members Coordinator.