Vancouver TALK 25: Grid-scale Gravity-based Electrical Energy Storage System

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Speaker: Janos Toth, Vice President of Business Development, Gravient
The topics will include the following:
· The need for grid scale (larger than 20 MWh) energy storage
· Challenges with the current grid scale energy storage technologies (pumped hydro, compressed air, hydrogen, Lithium Ion and other chemical batteries)
· Development of gravity based lifted weigh energy storage technology.
· Gravity based lifted weight grid scale energy technology details.
· Benefits of lifted weight energy storage technology
· Status of implementation of lifted weight energy storage technology
Registration is optional, but we want to know who to expect.
10:00 AM P.D.T. You can log in at 9:45 AM (12:45 PM Montreal) to check connection and say hello.
All IEEE members are welcome, especially those Life Members that don't have a local Affinity Group.
We are looking for speakers for the rest of the year, contact Carl Zanon <[email protected]> if interested.
Speaker(s): Janos Toth
9:45 AM Zoom opens
10:00 AM Welcome and speaker introduction
10:05 AM Speaker

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