Leadership is an action, not simply a position. The IEEE Life Members Committee (LMC), a Joint Committee of IEEE and the IEEE Foundation, provides leadership and support to Life Members (including future Life members) in all activities regarding IEEE. The LMC is also responsible for the administration of the Life Members Fund in support of activities that are of professional concern and interest to Life Members.

2024 Life Members Committee

Rajendra Asthana headshot.

Rajendra K. Asthana, Chair
[email protected]

Howard Wolfman Headshot

Howard Wolfman, Past Chair
[email protected]

Sudhanshu Januar headshot.

Sudhanshu Jamuar, Affinity Group
[email protected]

John Harris headshot.

John Harris, Affinity Group
[email protected]

Koruthu Varughese headshot.

Koruthu Varughese, Affinity Group
[email protected]

Hajime Imai headshot.

Hajime Imai, Affinity Group
[email protected]

Jacob Kulangara headshot

Jacob Kulangara, Awards & Recognition
[email protected]

Jerry Hudgins headshot.

Jerry Hudgins, IEEE Foundation
[email protected]

Fred Mintzer headshot.

Fred Mintzer, IEEE Foundation
[email protected]

John Day headshot

John Day, IEEE Staff
[email protected]

The IEEE Life Members Committee is chartered to:

  • Act on behalf of the best interests of Life members
  • Consider suggestions for activities of interest for members who are retired, as well as other recommendations to other IEEE
  • Seek ways to encourage continued IEEE involvement by Life members at all levels of IEEE
  • Partner with the IEEE Foundation to operate the IEEE Foundation Grants Program
  • Participate in the raising of charitable donations for the IEEE Life Members Fund (LMF) of the IEEE Foundation
  • Be responsible for the management of the LMF in support of meaningful activities that are of professional concern and interest to IEEE
  • Take an active role in encourage the establishment of IEEE Life Members Affinity Groups in the Sections so that those who are at a similar stage in their careers can share experiences and find ways to remain active
  • Publish an IEEE Life Members Newsletter to keep Life members informed of news of particular interest to them

Regional Coordinators

Daniel Sniezek Headshot

Daniel Sniezek
Region 1 – Northeast United States
[email protected]

Chris Hrivnak headshot.

Chris Hrivnak
Region 2 – Mid-Atlantic United States
[email protected]

Jacob Kulangara headshot

Jacob Kulangara
Region 3 – Southeastern United States
[email protected]

Larry Kotewa headshot

Larry Kotewa
Region 4 – Central United States
[email protected]

John Purvis headshot.

John Purvis
Region 5 – Southwest United States
[email protected]

Mike Andrews headshot

Mike Andrews
Region 6 – Western United States
[email protected]

Terry Branch headshot

Terry Branch
Region 7 – Canada
[email protected]

Peter Magyar headshot

Peter Magyar
Region 8 – Europe, Middle East, and Africa
[email protected]

Yinnis Solis headshot.

Yinnis Solis
Region 9 – Central & South America
[email protected]

Toshitaka Tsuda headshot.

Toshitaka Tsuda
Region 10 – Asia Pacific
[email protected]