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Tell us about your events. Learn how to submit meeting reports and special articles.

About Reports

Meeting reports should be submitted to IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) after each meeting is held. Report all meetings, including social events and administrative meetings. MGA and the Life Members Committee require a minimum of 2 reported events per year to remain active. The Life Members Committee prefers at least 4 events per year, and some Life Member Affinity Groups (LMAGs) host over 6 events or meetings per year.

Meeting Types

Your LMAG meetings and events fall into several categories:

  1. Administrative: Meetings to discuss LMAG business such as activity planning, special functions, event details, etc. These meetings include:
    • ExCom
    • Elections
    • Officer training
    • Strategic planning
      • Meeting planning
      • Professional development
      • Technical development
      • Outreach (volunteering opportunities, section and branch initiatives, STEM/CTE programs, industry outreach, etc.)
      • Communication planning (website, Collabratec, social media, etc.)
  2. Technical: Meetings of a technical nature specific to members’ needs and interests
  3. Non-Technical: Generally, meetings of a professional nature
    • Social events
    • Awards Dinner or presentation events
    • Pre-University Activities; Teacher-In-Service Program; a science fair, etc.
    • Non-technical (Other)

How Meetings are Counted

Each Life Members Affinity Group should create and report an event or meeting using vTools meetings: The meeting organizer must log in to the vTools site using their IEEE Username and Password. The IEEE vTools meeting system is capable of sending meeting invitations to each member of the sponsoring entity. That means that your LMAG can partner with other chapters or affinity groups in your section, or anywhere in the IEEE world.

Meeting Reporting

Following the meeting, vTools provides a quick way to complete your meeting report:

  • Log-in to vTools (
  • Find and Select your event, then go to Manage your Event (
  • Find the Report and Attendance section of the Event. This will allow you to indicate the number of members and guests who attended the event.
  • Once you enter the attendance and Publish, you have completed reporting the event.

Special note:  If you forget to complete the meeting report, IEEE will send you an email reminder to finish your meeting report.

Special Reports and Articles about Your Events

If your chapter hosts a special meeting or event, such as a corporate tour, STEM outreach program, awards presentation, social activity, or community activity, we strongly encourage you to write a short article for the Life Member News & Events section. Your submission should include photos that help “tell the story” of your special event.

Submit your News & Events articles through the Submit News Item portal. The content review committee will be solely responsible for the consideration of publication, content editing, and placement as appropriate.