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May 28, 2024

Madison LMAG Tours Local Technology Facilities

By |2024-05-21T16:31:51-04:005 May 2024|LMAG Activities|

2023 was a busy year for the IEEE Madison LMAG, located in Wisconsin. The LMAG visited local technology companies as a part of its educational outreach activities: Illumina Facility Illumina MiniSeq Benchtop Sequencer In September 2023, a select group of 16 LMAG Members and a guest were granted an exclusive opportunity to tour ...

May 21, 2024

Galveston Bay LMAG Holds Dinner Social

By |2024-05-20T15:37:35-04:005 May 2024|LMAG Activities|

Since the formation of the IEEE GBS Life Member Affinity Group, there has been a tradition of having an annual dinner social which had lapsed two years due to the Covid issue. Last year's event was held in December 2023 at a Bay Area restaurant. 15 members and guests who enjoyed the holiday company. Continuing ...

May 14, 2024

Joint Meeting Offers Networking and Learning Opportunities

By |2024-05-10T15:17:48-04:005 May 2024|LMAG Activities|

The joint meeting of the Region 8 LMAG and History Activities Committees in Budapest, Hungary, was a noteworthy event that underscored the importance of collective efforts. The meeting was attended by 39 participants, including Region 8 officers, chairs of LM and HA committees, LMAG Chairs, and HA members. The IEEE Hungary Section hosted the meeting. The ...

Apr 2, 2024

Orlando Holds Joint Section & LMAG December Meet & Greet

By |2024-04-02T12:04:43-04:004 April 2024|LMAG Activities|

14 IEEE members and guests attended, including 3 LMAG members. The meeting included dinner, a technical talk, and an introduction to the new 2024 Section Officers. Pictured above are members of the IEEE Orlando Section, with guest speaker Gracie Pereira (third from left) and 2023 Section Chair Varadraj Gurupur (third from right). The technical talk ...

Mar 26, 2024

Life Members Sponsor Student Competition at SAC ’23

By |2024-03-26T11:40:54-04:003 March 2024|LMAG Activities|

A joint IEEE Region 1 & 2 Student Activities Conference (SAC23) was held at Marshall University College of Engineering and Computer Sciences in Huntington, WV, in October 2023.  The conference showcased various competitions, including the Micro Mouse, Sumo Bot, and Paper Competitions. These events were made possible, in part, by a generous grant from the ...

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