LMAG Activities

Aug 23, 2023

LMAG Lebanon Continues Information Campaign

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The main project of LMAG Lebanon is SouqeTaqa, a renewable energy platform. A dinner meeting that included SouqeTaqa members. One female member could not attend. 12 April 2023 The original concept for the project, which was envisioned in the summer of 2019, aimed at creating an awareness campaign targeting educational pre-university students, public ...

Aug 16, 2023

Switzerland LMAG Members Active at the ENTER Museum

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The IEEE Switzerland LMAG is contributing to the ENTER National Museum of Consumer Electronics, located in Solothurn, Switzerland. Last year, the IEEE Switzerland Section entered a 5-year collaborative agreement between the Section and the Foundation of the ENTER Museum. The Agreement includes a donation from the Section, and active participation of section Life members to ...

Aug 3, 2023

North Macedonia LMAG Activities Highlights Cooperation

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Since its establishment in November 2021, the IEEE North Macedonia LMAG has organized, sponsored, or co-sponsored many activities within the local IEEE Section. Interacting with Local IEEE Members In 2022, all activities within the Section were dedicated to the 25th Section Anniversary and the 75th anniversary of the transistor. One of the special talks was ...

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