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Always looking for growth opportunities. Keeping Life Members (LMs) active and engaged is a key component of the success of local IEEE activities.

About LMAGs

While many LMs remain active in IEEE projects at various levels, we encourage the formation of Life Members Affinity Groups (LMAGs) in Sections because we think that Life Members be more involved if they are part of their own LMAG.

Life Members Affinity Groups:

  • Enable Life members to retain active IEEE associations
  • Contribute to the social good in their communities
  • Advance the professional interests of IEEE
  • Allow members to enjoy each other’s company

Life Members Affinity Groups (LMAGs) are local units of an IEEE Section/Council, constituted by IEEE Members who have obtained Life Members status, established by petition to represent and fulfill the needs of the local IEEE Life Members.

How to Establish a Life Members Affinity Group

A petition to establish an IEEE Life Members Affinity Group must be submitted and approved by the IEEE Life Members Committee Chair, Region Director, and Section Chair.

The petition to establish an Affinity Group shall contain:

  • Name of the Section/s or Council
  • Name of the parent organizational unit
  • The organizer (who becomes interim Chair pending election of a regular Chair at a later organization meeting)
  • Signatures of at least six (6) IEEE members, other than Students, who are members of the Section(s) involved and who indicate they will join the affinity group if established

More information about the petition process can be found within the IEEE Geographic Unit Formation Policies and Petitions.