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ABSTRACT Oregon has a spectacular, rugged coastline graced by a majestic collection of internationally recognized bridges designed by Oregon’s State Bridge Engineer, Conde B. McCullough, between 1919 and 1936. McCullough’s bridges are noted for their innovative engineering and intricate Art Deco detailing. Oregon DOT has undertaken restoring these historic bridges and applying thermal-sprayed zinc anodes that provides cathodic protection (CP) to the rebar while retaining the bridge surface details. A multidisciplinary preservation engineering team provides specifications to restore the bridges to their original form and insure the effective application of the CP. The Team then monitors the installation and operation of the CP systems to ensure adequate protection of the rebar. The expected life of the zinc anode is 25 years and may be reapplied indefinitely for extended protection.
Co-sponsored by: Scott Atkinson
Speaker(s): , Curtis
Room: Private Room, Bldg: La Fonda, 8633 Crownhill Blvd, San Antonio, Texas, United States

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