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Full Title: "Abuse Of Your Personal Privacy: How Government, Big Tech, and Political Agendas Have Run Amok"
"Our government – whether at the Federal, State, or local level – is infringing on our privacy as much for seemingly good reasons, as for seemingly dubious ones. Certainly, everyone had an opinion as to whether this was beneficial or harmful during the Covid-19 pandemic. Add to the mix, the fact that our privacy is under assault by political agendas and special interest groups on both sides of the political spectrum, whether household names or those cryptically-named and funded (e.g. Super PACs). Finally, we have the behemoth corporations – especially the ‘Big Tech’ platforms – who are monetizing our private information.
"This discussion should help you to gain knowledge and perspective so that you can draw your own conclusions and decide what actions you want to take on this hot topic. Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, pro-gun or anti-gun, pro-gin martini or pro-vodka martini – we can all agree that we SHOULD have the right to keep things private! This lively discussion will be relevant to any political affiliation."
· Moderator: Alexa McCulloch, Leadership Council, SecureTheVillage.*
· Daly Barnett, Technologist, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Writer and Advocate.
· Jay Stanley, Senior Policy Analyst, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
· Timothy Toohey, JD, PhD, Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Technology Law. Partner at Greenberg Glusker.
* Alexa McCulloch is also Co-chair, LA Chapter, Harvard W3D. Cybersecurity entrepreneur. Rocket Scientist.
Co-sponsored by: Actual Host: SecureTheVillage

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