ECE Seminar: Engineering Nanoscale Devices for Novel Computing Paradigms

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Life changing technologies in health, information technology and energy will be enabled by novel electronics with higher computation power and security, lower energy consumption, and increased production scalability. Currently, we are approaching the limit of classical Si based computing. The future leap for many novel applications in emerging fields such as biomedical simulations, virtual drug discovery, and artificial intelligence will require novel computing paradigms like neuromorphic and quantum computing that go beyond the conventional Von Neumann architecture. In this talk, we will review the key challenges that hinder the progress of novel computing paradigms are 1) limited fundamental understanding of underlying physical and chemical processes, 2) lack of novel materials, optimized device architectures and processing conditions that yield the desired device properties, 3) reproducibility, scalability, and variability issues in device fabrication. In particular, we will focus on the design of nanoscale devices for novel computing paradigms of quantum and neuromorphic computing. After a brief review of topological qubit platforms, we will shift gears and introduce the physics and operation of memristor devices for neuromorphic computing application. Finally, we will discuss how to optimize the performance of novel computing devices as a function of process parameters using integrated, data-driven, and modular device optimization and fabrication techniques.
Speaker(s): Dr Gozde Tutuncuoglu,
Novi, Michigan, United States, 48375, Virtual:

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