Medical Robotics, Haptic Sensors: Interactions Between Basic Science and Applied Engineering

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Trained as a cognitive scientist, Roberta Klatzky has conducted research in how people perceive through the sense of touch and how perception guides fundamental actions such as grasping objects and navigating in space. Her work on these topics led to collaborative interactions with engineers, with the goal of applying basic science in engineered systems. Among her projects are navigation aids for the blind featuring haptic and auditory spatial cueing, surgical interventions guided by spatially projected medical images, and rehabilitation environments using feedback incentives to increase applied force and range of motion. Her work has evaluated novel forms of haptic feedback such as magnetically induced forces and surfaces capable of real-time friction modulation. Using such examples, Klatzky will talk about how mutual benefits arise from interactions between basic science and applied engineering.
Co-sponsored by: CH04099 – Southeastern Michigan Chapter, EMBCH04099 – Southeastern Michigan Chapter, EMB
Speaker(s): Roberta

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