IEEE SPS SCV – Establishing trust in online media assets: What does it mean and can it be achieved?

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Today’s images arise from many sources: digital cameras, film photo scans, photo editing software, generative artificial intelligence, and combinations thereof. These technological innovations allow us to produce novel new imagery and even new knowledge derived from our media assets, but at the same time, they can confuse and even deceive us. The problematic credibility of media assets online is ubiquitously understood by all, but the complexity of the problem is understood by few. Old buzz words such as ‘fake news’ and new ones such as ‘AIGC’ and ‘deep fakes’ allow us to label the problem, but not characterize the nuances inherent in judging the credibility of the images we consume daily, or the implications of the context within which we consume them, to take advantage of the beneficial outcomes of modern digital media production technologies while lessening the negative outcomes, we need to know if and how we can trust the media assets we encounter online.
In this discussion we will shine a light on the socio-technological nature of image credibility, considering the technological landscape of image generation and the human factors involved in ascertaining trustworthiness of images. We will then turn our attention to the advances being made in combatting the seemingly intractable and ever-increasing tsunami of uncertain online imagery. In particular, we will review a soon to be released JPEG ISO standard designed to support trust in images: JPEG Trust (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1), which provides a comprehensive framework for individuals, organizations, and governing institutions interested in establishing an environment of trust for the media that they use and share online.
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Sabrina Caldwell is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing at the Australian National University. She teaches and researches in the areas of human-centered computing, web development and design and bioinspired computing. She is co-chair of JPEG Trust and a member of the Australian Chapter of Creative Commons.
Speaker(s): Sabrina Caldwell ,

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