The North Macedonia IEEE Section and LMAG, along with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and IT (FEEIT), the IEEE Student Branch, and some local companies, sponsored RoboMac 2024, the 12th Annual International Competition in Robotics, Electronics, Programming, and Artificial Intelligence, which took place over five days this April at SS Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje.

robot competition

Robot Competition

Over 100 students from Universities in North Macedonia participated in the five events, along with participating in some lectures:

  • Sence the Color – Build a colored line following robot
  • AI Football – Use intelligent agents to find and eliminate opponents
  • Robotic Arm – Combine robotics and machine vision to sort objects
  • ChatBot Challenge – Command a Chatbot to control robots
  • Self-Racing Cars – Program and unleash NVIDIA JetBots in self-racing competition

Introducing Young Students to Robotics

At the same time as the RoboMac competition for University students, a parallel RoboMac Junior competition for high school students was held. The goal of the event was to introduce young students to robotics, AI, and electronics while attracting young scholars to join the University and IEEE. This was the fourth edition of this competition since 2019.

Following the line

Following the line competition

54 students from 26 high schools throughout Macedonia participated, competing in two categories:

  • Autonomous Mobile Robotics – Ten teams of three competed in programming Arduino robots to avoid obstacles, follow lines, and park precisely.
  • Smart Electronics for Autonomous Vehicles – Eight teams of three competed in programming embedded systems for mobile robots to detect target objects. 

The top three teams in each event were awarded medals. The students also attended lectures on Mobile Electronics, Robotics & AI, and Implementing a myoelectric robotic arm prosthesis.

Group photo RoboMac Junior-2024

Group photo RoboMac Junior 2024