In 2022, the UK & Ireland LMAG uniquely celebrated a total of four Milestone dedications.

CT Scanner Milestone PlaqueThe latest took place on 26/27th October 2022 in London. The CT Scanner Milestone plaque was unveiled at the former EMI Research laboratories at Hayes, West London, by Dr. Saifur Rahman, 2023 IEEE President.

A symposium honoring the inventor of the CT Scanner, Sir Godfrey Hounsfield (Nobel Laureate), was held at the Royal Institution of Great Britain the following day. Both events were attended by members of the EMI team that contributed to the realization of one of the most important diagnostic tools used in clinical medicine today.

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CT Scanner Attendees

Steve Welby, IEEE former Executive Director, Martin Bastiaans, R8 History Activity Committee Chair, and Mike Hinchey, Region 8 Director-elect at Milestone Ceremony.