Meet Kai Wong – Regional Coordinator for the Southwest United States

Kai Wong is a retired technology business consultant. Kai has worked in the electronic system and semiconductor industry for 25 years. He started his career as a test engineer at General Instruments in Hicksville, New York. Kai moved to Austin, Texas, to work for Motorola Semiconductor Sector in 1977. He started as a product engineer, then engineering manager, product manager, business manager, and program manager. Kai spent three years in Motorola Hong Kong to create a new business unit and develop new products. He has also worked with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.

Kai started participating in IEEE activities in 2003 and volunteered for the IEEE Communication Society Conference. He became the Chairman of the Central Texas Consultants Network from 2008-2016, then CTS Treasurer from 2016-2018, and IEEE CTS Life Member Chair since 2018. Kaiserves as R5 LMAG Coordinator in 2022. He served as CTS Conference coordinator for a few years and organized Consultants Workshop for many years. He supported most IEEE conferences in the Central Texas area, including GlobeCom2014 and WCNC 2022.

Kai is a senior life member. He earned an M.S.E.E. degree from Columbia University and MBA from St. Edward’s University.