Pictured above: Members of the IEEE S&M LMAG and guests (from left): Prof. Miroslav Prsa, Prof. Goce Arsov, Prof. Vladimir Katic, Jovana Gluscevic, Prof. Ljiljana Zivanov, Prof. Milos Zivanov, Dr. Predrag Ninkovic (Photo by Prof. Stevan Cveticanin).

The Serbia and Montenegro Section petitioned to form a Life Member Affinity Group in January 2023, which was approved in February.

The new LMAG held its kick-off meeting in Novi Sad in October 2023. Prof. Vladimir Katic was elected Chair, Prof. Ljiljana Zivanov, Vice-Chair, and Prof. Miroslav Prsa, Secretary and Treasurer. Prof. Goce Arsov of the North Macedonia LMAG presented the significance of having an LMAG in your section. 

The Serbia and Montenegro LMAG has held several since forming, including a technical meeting at the TELFOR 2023 conference in Belgrade; a technical meeting with a lecture by Prof. Ljobomir Geric on his 50+ years of teaching electrical engineering; and a technical visit to the birthplace and memorial center of Mihajlo Pupin, a famous Serbian/American scientist, inventor, and professor at Columbia University in New York, in preparation for the celebration of his 170th birthday.