The IEEE Pikes Peak LMAG and IEEE Section members heard Dr. George Nield talk about his trip to space on Blue Origin spacecraft.

Blue Origin Takeoff copySeventeen Pikes Peak IEEE LMAG and Section members met for lunch at a local restaurant on 27 October 2022 to network, enjoy a pizza lunch, and watch a video originally presented by the Galveston Bay LMAG during Aerospace Week.

In the video, Dr. George C. Nield, President of Commercial Space Technologies, LLC, describes his flight to space about the Blue Origin sub-orbital spacecraft from West Texas. He told us about pre-flight preparations and training, the actual spaceflight, and recovery operation using high-quality pictures.

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About Dr. Nield

George NieldDr. Nield serves as the Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation for the FAA. He has over 30 years of aerospace experience with the US Air Force, NASA, and private industry. Dr. Nield was an Assistant Professor and Research Director at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. He was the Manager of the Flight Integration Office of the Space Shuttle program and later worked on the Shuttle/Mir Program and International Space Station Program at NASA.

Content provided by David Bondurant, Pikes Peak LMAG Chair