March Madness: New Deals on Conference Registration!

March Madness: New Deals on Conference Registration!

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Hello March

Don’t miss out on these special offers to join us for the three-day event curated for technology influencers, innovators, and pioneers of all ages.

Friends & Family Discount: Use promo code DISX30 to get US$30 off the cost of each registration. This discount applies to all registrations (members and guests, if applicable).

Students Only: Single-Day Registration by 3/31/2024 @ US$50.00 each day. Changes to US$100.00 on Sunday, Mar. 31, 2024.

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IEEE Life Membership is an official recognition of a strong and sustained commitment to IEEE. Life members get together with their peers, participate in educational excursions, work together to mentor students, and improve their communities.
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