KidWind logoThe Madison Section (Wisconsin) Life Member Affinity Group (LMAG) hosted a virtual presentation on KidWind in March 2022. The speakers were Allison Bender of the Wisconsin Energy Institute and Dick Anderson, the Wisconsin KidWind Advisor. KidWind is an activity-based renewable-energy education program.

The program seeks to get students excited about the challenges and opportunities of renewable energy. It fosters opportunities for students to build, test, and understand wind and solar energy technology and spurs excitement about careers in fields related to renewable energy. KidWind helps to develop the capacity of teachers and coaches to understand wind and solar energy technology better, and connect students to mentors and role models. It provides curricula, recommends materials, and arranges events.

Allison and Dick described the KidWind program and the details of its implementation in Wisconsin. They discussed examples of KidWind events held in Wisconsin and described the volunteers’ roles that help implement the program. They proposed opportunities for IEEE Madison and our membership to contribute to the program. During the question and answer portion of the presentation, members further discussed the program with the speakers.

Watch the video: