Thanks to our long-standing partnership with the IEEE Life Members, the EPICS in IEEE program approved an impressive 39 projects in 2023, impacting students around the world.

All the initiatives support EPICS in IEEE’s four foundational pillars (Access & Abilities, Education & Outreach, Environment, and Human Services). The program surpassed a milestone of USD $1 million in project funding. This growth and activity contributed to the program’s most successful year-to-date!

In addition to providing essential project support in 2023, our committee enhanced several operating processes and increased public engagements across IEEE to build awareness of EPICS in IEEE. 

“EPICS in IEEE had an outstanding year in 2023. The opportunity to bring engineering students together to learn and partner with their communities is important and inspiring. We are grateful to those who partnered with EPICS in IEEE in 2023, including the IEEE Foundation and the Life Members Fund, which allowed us to fund 39 projects worldwide. My heartfelt congratulations to all of the students, faculty, and IEEE members involved with the projects!” Jamie Moesch, Managing Director, Educational Activities

Access to unrestricted funding is a lifeline for EPICS in IEEE

The support provided by the Life Members Fund has been instrumental in enabling us to support a larger number of diverse projects each year. In 2023, a project supported by our general funding saw engineering students from the University Del Bosque in Colombia making a difference at The Nuestra Señora del Milagro Orphanage in Bogota, Colombia.

The student team received a grant from EPICS in IEEE for a 2-phase project to not only educate the girls but also to help improve their quality of life. The team designed and created a rainwater aqueduct and an urban agricultural system. This team recently presented their humanitarian project at the IEEE Global Humanitarian Conference. Visit our website to learn more about this impactful project and hear from team member Oscar Javier Rodríguez Riveros. Your support through the Life Members Fund has made all this possible!

EPICS farming project Bogota, Colombia

EPICS in IEEE farming project Bogota, Colombia

15 Years of EPICS in IEEE

As we look ahead to 2024, the EPICS in IEEE Committee is thrilled to celebrate our program’s past, present, and future through its 15th Anniversary Celebration. 

“This year was successful thanks to the strong partnership with the Life Members,” says Stephanie Gillespie, 2023 EPICS in IEEE Committee chair. “We thank you for your support of these impactful projects and hope that you enjoy the review of our past year’s activities. We encourage you to take part in our landmark anniversary celebration in 2024!”

The EPICS in IEEE Annual Report shares stories and highlights from 2023, made possible by the generous contributions of EPICS in IEEE donors and our strategic partnerships.

View the Annual Report Here