Meet David Bondurant – LMAG Activities Coordinator

David Bondurant HeadshotDavid has been a member of the IEEE for over 50 years and the IEEE Computer Society for 48 years. 

Currently, David is the Pikes Peak Section Chair, Pikes Peak Life Member Affinity Chair, a member of the IEEE Life Member Committee, and the LMAG Activities Coordinator. At the IEEE Computer Society, he is Vice Chair of the Member and Geographical Activities Board and Chair of the Geographical Activities Committee, which manages all professional and student branch chapters worldwide.

David is a retired Professional Engineer with B.S. degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Technology Management. He designed computers for Control Data, Univac, and Robertshaw Controls. During his career, David designed semiconductor microprocessors, digital signal processors, and application-specific ICs (ASICs) for Honeywell. He marketed advanced volatile and non-volatile memory products for companies such as Ramtron (FRAM), Enhanced Memory Systems (EDRAM, ESDRAM, HSDRAM, ESRAM), Simtek (NvSRAM), Freescale( MRAM), and Everspin Technologies (MRAM).