With great sadness, we remember two outstanding volunteers for their work on behalf of the global IEEE Life Members community:

C Reginald Russell (1926-2024)

Reg with wineC Reginald Russell, affectionately known as “Reg,” was not just a former Region 8 Director but a visionary who played a pivotal role in establishing Region 8 as a thriving part of the new transnational IEEE that emerged in the 1980/1990 era. His leadership and dedication were the last link to a group of volunteers who made this possible.

He was Treasurer, Secretary, and Chair of the IEEE United Kingdom and Ireland Section before being elected Region 8 Director in 1973-74. Russell served on several high-level committees, including the IEEE Education Activities Board.  He expanded Region 8 sections behind the “Iron Curtain” as the communist countries became more liberal societies.

Russell’s engineering career began in the microwave tube industry at GEC Wembley, England, before moving into management, marketing, and sales. He later taught management studies at what is now Greenwich University in London.

Bernie Sander (1944-2024)

Bernie SanderIEEE Life Fellow and former Life Member Committee Board member Bernard Thomas Sander Jr, 79, passed away on 7 May 2024 at his home in Indianapolis, IN, following complications from a fall. 

Sander was born in Moberly, MO, and grew up on the family farm in Salisbury, MO. He received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from St. Louis University, an M.S. degree at California Institute of Technology, and his doctoral degree at Washington University. He worked on telephone switching systems as a Technical Manager at Bell Laboratories for 26 years.

Sander, a dedicated IEEE volunteer, served in various roles, including as the Chicago Section Chair, Region 4 Treasurer, and Region 4 Director. His commitment and service were further exemplified by his role on the Life Member Committee, where he continued to contribute to the IEEE community, a testament to his unwavering dedication and service.