public safety logoThe new IEEE Public Safety Technology (PST) Initiative is a global center for public safety stakeholders to exchange ideas on how emerging technologies can help public safety personnel be more effective and support their health and wellness.

PST was preceded by the IEEE Public Safety Technologies Task Force, which published the white paper Public Safety Technology Gaps and Opportunities. The publication addresses several use cases with highly significant and timely public safety applications and identifies ‘opportunity technologies’ that may be used to improve operations.

Many IEEE Societies and programs include technologies essential for public safety applications. PST seeks to bring those efforts together in a single initiative. PST is partnering with the IEEE MOVE Program to strengthen IEEE’s efforts toward public safety. The MOVE program is committed to assisting victims of and responders to natural disasters with short-term communications, computer, and power solutions.

PST is proud to have the participation of these Societies: IEEE Broadcast Technology; IEEE Consumer Technology; IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing; IEEE Industry Applications; IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology; IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology; and IEEE Vehicular Technology.

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