ieee in 2050 story image coverThe IEEE 2050 and Beyond whitepaper envisions scenarios that paint a picture of what the world could look like in the near and distant future across IEEE’s areas of interest.

The IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on IEEE in 2050 was appointed by 2022 IEEE President K. J. Ray Liu to gain a global perspective of potential futures and what they might mean for IEEE. The committee explored plausible scenarios for the future across IEEE’s range of interests and scanned for drivers of change within existing and emerging technology fields. The committee’s work concluded that IEEE’s mission and focus will likely remain relevant in the future. How IEEE achieves its mission, along with its structure, areas of interest, programs and services, and funding sources, will likely change.

ieee in 2050 story image quoteAbout IEEE in 2050 and Beyond

The white paper, IEEE in 2050 and Beyond, details the methodology the committee used for exploring the future, four potential worldview scenarios and what each could mean for IEEE, and potential stories of IEEE in the future. This paper is intended to provide valuable insight for IEEE leadership into the disruptions IEEE can expect to encounter over the next 30 years and the opportunities to thrive moving forward.

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