The IEEE France Section celebrated its second Milestone of 2023 for MPEG Multimedia Integrated Circuits, on the STMicroelectronics site in Grenoble, France, on 28 September 2023.

First MPEG2 decoder

Silicon die of the STi3500, the first MPEG2 video decoder.

As the Milestone plaque cites, subsequent MPEG-2 worldwide adoption made compressed full-motion video and audio inexpensive and available for everyday use. The event featured the award presentation and plaque unveiling, accompanied by testimonials from key ST people behind these developments, IEEE representatives, and Leonardo Chiariglione, who founded the MPEG standardization group directing the development of some 200 MPEG standards.

The entrance of the STMicroelectronics site announced the MPEG Multimedia Integrated Circuits Milestone, with Mike Hinchey (left) and Prof. René Garello (third), as shown in title image.

The IEEE France Section Life Members Affinity Group is in charge of milestone proposals and ceremonies.