Wicked Problems: How to Engineer a Better World

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We are delighted to invite you to the Edwin A. Link Lecture, a community event and book launch program, sponsored by the Link Foundation, to be held at Roberson Museum and Science Center on Sunday, March 17, 2024, 2:00 to 3:30 pm. Please click (https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0011zV6WgoJP5qmCX3C2ZDr3wf4fiDeF9TJiipaIwFNooqWdc5oZxeANdYmorgr2nrNgvriUXVDgOUVGWiI0StIj1FO94vOhCjNFx0u9dVnmIndcookDgGTE72eN19XjEZYVcrV0lR1vIEEBSWNDUZ07WC6dirhj3Cxlh1aI61bmyks2fLLlsfc4wH6OiD9_vTnQJzTndOGnbRiAcF_y_lKjZxDaQiDFTToo7gdNqCW5jclqkdF0LY6x4BlyGSl49sdgcNvwiqeZ6W-DGnYiuLG3E6tcrRKcoXYA6y6wuFfAw4=&c=FjzJQnve70gUiqlW0dcqf7TR5hHp77oLJi2XFMcBLnCIvfHH60BItQ==&ch=J7kqO__RG1PdYlJCfmPL79q0XY3wAeedcwbSAzRT1Pe0c5DaEqCkHg==) to register.
The speaker is Guru Madhavan, the Norman R. Augustine Senior Scholar and Senior Director of Programs at the National Academy of Engineering and a distinguished Binghamton University alum. The event will include a talk and discussion based on Madhavan’s new book (https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0011zV6WgoJP5qmCX3C2ZDr3wf4fiDeF9TJiipaIwFNooqWdc5oZxeANdYmorgr2nrNdGkxaMCOnifaLcSKrlfF6_nKVAofQLwFoXQON9eXu6p1y-tRHqCaUOjC2UUJzvfX41g0H9M2NX0ZIMDqBpiqgIdFtdrXvoPA3-fh3YZL1_xhoxduaGpFiyEk9M9NFlTRmNktpfd70VF_AjE5NklQejNQMVBYPXkYUqMvpdmh4dw=&c=FjzJQnve70gUiqlW0dcqf7TR5hHp77oLJi2XFMcBLnCIvfHH60BItQ==&ch=J7kqO__RG1PdYlJCfmPL79q0XY3wAeedcwbSAzRT1Pe0c5DaEqCkHg==) (W.W. Norton), dedicated to Binghamton and centered on Ed Link’s revolutionary work to guide our approaches to society’s intractable problems. Shelley Dionne, Dean of the School of Management at Binghamton University and Chair of the Link Foundation Board of Trustees will provide opening remarks and moderate the discussion.
Because of limited seating, please (https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0011zV6WgoJP5qmCX3C2ZDr3wf4fiDeF9TJiipaIwFNooqWdc5oZxeANdYmorgr2nrNgvriUXVDgOUVGWiI0StIj1FO94vOhCjNFx0u9dVnmIndcookDgGTE72eN19XjEZYVcrV0lR1vIEEBSWNDUZ07WC6dirhj3Cxlh1aI61bmyks2fLLlsfc4wH6OiD9_vTnQJzTndOGnbRiAcF_y_lKjZxDaQiDFTToo7gdNqCW5jclqkdF0LY6x4BlyGSl49sdgcNvwiqeZ6W-DGnYiuLG3E6tcrRKcoXYA6y6wuFfAw4=&c=FjzJQnve70gUiqlW0dcqf7TR5hHp77oLJi2XFMcBLnCIvfHH60BItQ==&ch=J7kqO__RG1PdYlJCfmPL79q0XY3wAeedcwbSAzRT1Pe0c5DaEqCkHg==) at your earliest convenience (registration includes a free visit to the exhibits of Roberson Museum and the Science Center). Please share this invitation with friends and colleagues who may be interested.
We look forward to seeing you for the Edwin A. Link Lecture on March 17.
Speaker(s): , Guru Madhavan
2:00 pm Registration, Refreshments, and Networking, Visitor’s Hall
2:30 pm Welcome and Introduction Shelley Dionne Dean and Professor of Management, Binghamton University Chair, The Link Foundation
2:35 pm Engineering our Wicked Problems: Some Insights from Ed Link and Binghamton Guru Madhavan Norman R. Augustine Senior Scholar and Senior Director of Programs, National Academy of Engineering
3:10 pm Discussion
3:25 pm Concluding Remarks Michael Grasso Executive Director, Roberson Museum and Science Center
3:30 pm Refreshments and Networking, Visitor’s Hall
4:00 pm Adjourn
Room: Carousel Theater, First Floor, Roberson Museum and Science Center, 30 Front Street, Binghamton , New York, United States, 13905

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