Vancouver TALK 14: Cleantech Alternative to Portable Diesel Generators

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Speaker: Allen Upward
Registration is optional, but we want to know who to expect.
10:00 AM P.D.T. You can log in at 9:45 AM (12:45 PM Montreal) to check connection and say hello.All IEEE members are welcome, especially those Life Members that don't have a local Affinity Group.
We are looking for speakers for the rest of the year, contact Carl Zanon <[email protected]> if interested.
Speaker(s): Allen Upward,
9:45 AM Zoom opens
10:00 AM Welcome and speaker introduction by Carl Zanon
10:05 AM Speaker
Portable Electric (PE) was founded in 2015, and is a Vancouver-based technology company and manufacturer of the VOLTstack 5 kV to 30 kV e-Generator, a clean energy alternative to traditional gas and diesel generators.
EV Car chargers: the installation of 40 7 kW Level 2 and 13 DC Fast Chargers across the Kootenays region. The charger also acts as an e-generator to power e-bikes, audio equipment, food trucks and more. It will be available in multiple locations including farmers markets, community events and local concerts.
Weighing only 42 lbs and conveniently packaged in a briefcase-style kit, the Sunstack folding solar kit can operate anywhere there is sunlight and deploys in seconds.

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