The Chip Act: A New Era in US Semiconductors

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Welcome to Global Webinar co-sponsored by Pikes Peak Section and Panama Computer Society Chapter and co-hosted by a number of Chapters worldwide.
The Chip Act: A New Era in US Semiconductors
David Bondurant, Vertical Memory
Matt Francis, Ozark IC
This presentation will review 50-years of Semiconductor and Computer developments and historical competition between countries that developed. We observe the historical scaling of semiconductors (Moore’s Law) and the fact the Moore’s Law scaling is reaching it’s end. We review Beyond Moore changes to semiconductor processing and packaging technology required to continue computer performance improvement and why control of leading edge semiconductor and packaging manufacturing is now strategic.
The Chip Act is the United States response to demands of Beyond Moore requirements and need to bring manufacturing closer to home. We review the Chip Act and update on it’s developments during 2023.
Speaker(s): David, Matt,
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