The Case for Space: How the Revolution in Spaceflight Opens a Future of Limitless Possibilities

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In this talk astronautical engineer Robert Zubrin will examine the possibilities. Starting with a discussion of the present-day breakthroughs, we will take a deeper look at where it leads: to ultrafast global travel through suborbital space, to new industries on orbit, and to human settlement of the Moon, Mars, the asteroids, the outer solar system, and ultimately the stars. All these things are possible, and he will explain how to achieve them.
Then he will look at what such mastery implies: what we will gain by undertaking this grand adventure, and what we would lose by failing to do so.
Co-sponsored by: Orange County AIAA and also Orange County Sigma Xi
Speaker(s): Robert Zubrin,
The talk will be from noon to 1pm followed by no more than 30 minutes of open Q&A.

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