The 126th IEEE Kansai Section Technical Lecture Meeting and The 27th IEEE Kansai Section LMAG Technical Lecture Meeting

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 The modern information society is evolving, supported by high-performance power supply systems, which are the core technology of power electronics. The world's capital is flocking to higher performance and energy conservation, and the business market continues to expand. In computers and communication equipment, advanced power systems drive advanced processors, and in EVs, high-performance power systems drive motors. The power consumption of data centers is increasing explosively and is expected to account for 20% of the world's energy by 2025, and if it continues to increase at this rate, there will be a world energy shortage just for information-related energy consumption. Electrical equipment such as advanced autonomous driving and wireless software updates are rapidly accelerating in EVs. With new power electronics, it is necessary to control the enormous energy consumption due to AI generation and EV evolution, with the fate of the nation at stake.
In this lecture, we will gain insight into global trends in the era of great semiconductor competition that is affecting nations and consider measures and strategies that should be taken to realize a new electronic nation through new power electronics, as well as scenarios for future industrial development.
Speaker(s): Tatsuya Hosotani
Bldg: OIT tower, 1-45 Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka, Osaka, Japan, 530-8568, Virtual:

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