SusTech Talk: Sustainable ICT Technologies

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Presented by Ravinder Dahiya, Bendable Electronics and Sensing Technologies (BEST) Group, James Watt School of Engineering, University of Glasgow, G12 8QQ, UK
The miniaturization led advances in electronics during the last half century have revolutionized our lives through high-speed computing, communication and digital technologies which touch our life in almost all traditional sectors today (e.g., health, aerospace, manufacturing, and retail etc.). Yet, as revolutionary as micro/nanoelectronics technology has been, in its current form, it is not sustainable and also leading to issues such as electronic waste. Further, current production processes for are inherently and unavoidably wasteful. For example, integrated circuits (IC) fabs rely almost entirely on subtractive manufacturing methods, leading to large material wastages. Further, these fabs require vast quantities of water, energy, and land and there is considerable adverse environmental impact. Clearly, there is a need for new resource efficient and environment friendly routes for electronics manufacturing and ICT systems. Today electronics are omnipresent, and the process follows a top-down flow. In the future a bottoms up flow will lead to a more sustainable process. This talk will discuss the current model for sustainable electronics, and propose better models for the future. The talk will cover the magnitude of e-waste, the ICT Footprint, Sustainable Technologies, and circular electronics.
Speaker(s): Ravinder,
Talk will start at Noon Pacific time so that we can accomodate the speaker who is in Glasgow Scotland

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