Stammtisch – Artificial photosynthesis for Solar Hydrogen production and its industrialization

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Solar energy is intermittent by nature, and converting it into chemical energy via photo-electrochemical (PEC) processes is one viable route for renewable fuel processing and energy storage. However, practical viability requires such an approach to be efficient, robust, economically competitive and sustainable at the same time.
PEC devices operating with optical and current concentrations can satisfy all these aspects for deployable solar fuel generation. Furthermore, a close thermal and electronic integration of the photoactive and electrochemical component allows to achieve higher operating current densities while maintaining high efficiencies.
SoHHytec developed an artificial tree called ‘Arb’ deploying the integrated photo-electrochemical technology which will be presented. Arb is a plug and play solution for solar hydrogen (fuel) and power co-generation. SoHHytec is deploying Gardens and Forests of multiple of Arbs for catering to the needs of industrial, mobility, and energy storage sectors.
Participation to this event is free, open to all, IEEE members and non-members. No registration required.
Co-sponsored by: IEEE Switzerland Life Member Activity Group
Speaker(s): Dr. Saurabh Tembhurne,
18:30 – 18:35 IEEE Student Branch Activities
18:35 – 18:40 Introduction of the speaker
18:40 – 19:10 SoHHytec presentation
19:10 – 19:25 Q & A Session
19:25 – 20:00 Drinks and food at SushiZen
Room: MED 0 1418, Bldg: MED Building, EPFL, EPFL, Ecublens, Switzerland, Switzerland, 1015

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