RoboMac 2024 Lecture – Applications and robots in therapies for children with autism

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The rehabilitation utilizing assistive technology is more available and more accessible than ever. It enables the improvement of the quality of life for physically and mentally impaired people.
One kind of treatment that has proven effective for children with autism is robot assisted therapy (RoAT), which involves a robotic element. This talk elaborates on several different approaches for implementing robots in autism therapy, and especially presents our work done in implementing humanoid robots in research experiments with children with autism. It also gives insights on how to make this kind of therapy even more available and affordable for the users creating complementing mobile applications.
The analyzes of the data from the therapies for children with autism supported or enriched by robots can be of great benefit for monitoring the effect of the therapy and later adjusting it to the needs of the patients. The lack of such robots and staff trained to work with them can be overcome through alternative methods such as the development of applications that mirror this process and make it more accessible to patients
Speaker(s): Nevena Ackovska, PhD, Bojan Ilijoski, PhD
Room: Conference Room, University Ss Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies, Rugjer Boskovikj 18, Skopje, Macedonia, Macedonia

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