Principles And Workings Of The Bose Radio

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Loudspeakers are fundamental to maintaining the fidelity of sound in radios, TV, and theater, and aficionados have debated the reproduction quality of different types of loudspeakers and their associated electronics for decades. The goal of the early loudspeakers was to modify and suppress acoustic radiation from the rear of the speaker-driver. Further work on such speakers concentrated on materials that could suppress selective radiation from the rear diaphragm. However, in 1984, a class of loudspeakers was introduced by Bose, designated "acoustic wave speakers", which are more generically called transmission line (TL) speakers. Rather than suppressing the acoustic energy from the rear of the driver, a means was engineered to use standing waves to constructively sum radiation from both the front and the rear of the driver. This allowed exceptional bass response in a small volume. The TL speaker's science and operation in the Bose radio context will be described. Analogies between antennas and the acoustic wave system will be used to help frame the analysis in electrical engineering terminology.
Co-sponsored by: Antique Wireless Association
Speaker(s): Ram Dhurjaty,
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9:15 am-10:30 am — Principles And Workings Of The Bose Radio, by Ram Dhurjaty
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