IEEE R9 LMAG – Webinar "Geniuses at WAR: Code breaking in Bletchley Park" – David Bondurant (05/SEP/2023)

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Los Grupos de Afinidad de Socios Vitalicios del IEEE (LMAG) de Argentina, Monterrey, Panamá, Perú, Puerto Rico y Uruguay extienden una cordial invitación para asistir al webinario que se realizará el próximo martes 5 de septiembre de 2023, de 18:00 a 19:30 hora de Buenos Aires, Argentina (UTC-3:00), en el que David Bondurant disertará sobre "Geniuses at WAR: Code breaking in Bletchley Park".
Planning the invasion of Normandy, the Allies knew that decoding the communications of the Nazi high command was imperative for its success. But standing in their way was an encryption machine they called Tunny (British English for “tuna”), much more difficult to crack than the infamous Enigma cipher.
To surmount this seemingly impossible challenge, Alan Turing, the Enigma codebreaker, brought in a maverick English working-class engineer named Tommy Flowers who devised the ingenious, daring, and controversial plan to build a machine that would calculate at breathtaking speed and break the code in nearly real-time. Together with the pioneering mathematician Max Newman, Flowers and his team produced—against the odds, the clock, and a resistant leadership—Colossus, the world’s first digital electronic computer, the machine that would help bring the war to an end.
Drawing upon recently declassified sources, David Bondurant brings us David A. Price’s "Geniuses at War" the full mesmerizing story of the great minds behind Colossus and chronicles the remarkable feats of engineering genius that marked the dawn of the digital age.
Disertante: David Bondurant
Now a retired Professional Engineer, David Bondurant has been involved with the computer and semiconductor industry for 50 years. He was a computer architect at Control Data, Sperry-Univac, and Honeywell. He was involved with the government-sponsored advanced semiconductor program called VHSIC (Very High-Speed Integrated Circuits) at Univac & Honeywell where he developed microprocessor and ASIC semiconductor products in bipolar CML, CMOS, and radiation hard CMOS. He was involved with emerging non-volatile RAM marketing at industry-leading companies.
* La disertación sera en inglés.
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ID de reunión: 844 1592 6549
Código de acceso: 212457
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Martes 5 de septiembre de 2023, de 18:00 a 19:30, hora de Buenos Aires, Argentina (UTC-3)

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