IEEE -Quantum Technologies: Threat and Security.

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Quantum Computing is often presented as one of the most promising technologies of the 21st century, a
total disruption, a revolution. Governments, technologists, marketers, investors, and analysts project
that Quantum Computing will solve today's impossible problems with classical computers.
However, the wonders of this emerging technology of computation also give rise to a new threat vector
named Q-Day or Quantum Attacks, which means a threat to the current Communication Security due
to the Quantum Computer’s future power to break asymmetric encryption and speed up brute force
attacks for symmetric encryption. Therefore, communication security needs revolutionary and
innovative solutions, a complete cryptographic system, and new technologies supporting various
aspects of CIA triad and Privacy protection.
The Question arises: Can we develop such a scheme of secure communication that cannot be
Quantum Communication technologies might provide that by harnessing the laws of nature and Post
Quantum Cryptographic solutions might provide that by finding more complex mathematical problems,
but is that the answer we look for in cybersecurity?
In this talk, I will explain what a quantum computer is, what a quantum advantage or quantum
supremacy is, and why the world is thrown into a quantum race. I also will tackle the application side of
quantum computation as a threat vector to our communication security and the state of the art of this
technology in relation to cybersecurity. The technological solutions proposed to mitigate the quantum
threat will be explained, and the talk will conclude with further steps required for achieving
communication and information security.
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Speaker(s): Angie,

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