IEEE Peterborough Joint Section & LMAG Administrative Committee Meeting

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IEEE Peterborough Joint Section & LMAG
Tuesday, April 26, 2022, 6:00 pm
Berc's Steakhouse
186 Lansdowne St E, Peterborough, ON K9J 7N9
– Administrative
1.1 Call to Order (Helder) at ______________pm
1.2 Attendance:
Kevin Kirley, Sean Dunne, Luc Matteau, Carlos Teani, Helder Pinheiro, Harold Briggs
Guests: (
1.3 Motion to Approve Agenda/as amended.
Moved by: __ 2nd by: __ Carried.
1.4 Motion to Approve Minutes of March 15, 2022. Meeting
Moved by: _______ 2nd by: __ Carried.
– Treasurer's Report (Luc) Total $ ____________Total liabilities _$_____________
Motion to receive Treasurer's Report by: ____ _ 2nd by: ________ Carried.
2.1 Approval of expenditures:
Motion by Luc, 2nd by ________ to approve expenditures. Carried.
– IEEE Canada Foundation Report (Luc).
Motion to receive IEEE Canada Foundation Report by Luc, 2nd by: _______ Carried.
– Membership Status & Development (ALL)
– 57 members (April 24th, 2022)
– Succession Planning (All)
– LIFE Members Affinity Group Peterborough Section (Bob)
– Section History and Archives (Bob)
– Past & Current Events
– Climate Task Force Initiative (Sean/Helder)
– IEEE Canada Springboard 2 Region Meeting to be held Friday June 3 through Sunday June 5 at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Airport & Conference Centre (655 Dixon Road, Toronto, ON M9W 1J3).
– CONAC for EPEC (Electrical Power and Energy Conference) 2022 (Sean/Luc/Helder)
– 5-7 (Monday to Wednesday). Prof. Yan Shi from University of Victoria is leading and will send out a Zoom meeting invitation to the sections
– Trans Canada Microwave System – Section participation (Luc)
– Meeting Shweta Pathak (Helder)
– Centre for Advancement in Mechatronics and Industrial Internet of Things (CAMIIT) – Carlos
– Peterborough Science Fair at Trent (Sean)
– Fleming Showcase (Judging and Awards)- Luc and Helder
– Other planned member events
– Other discussions
– Webmaster – Helder –updated the main page.
– Planned AdCom Meeting dates for 2022 – See table below
– Chairman adjourned meeting at ______ pm

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