IEEE NY Joint ComSoc & VTS Technology Forum: Signal processing for vehicular joint radar-communications

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In this talk, we focus on the recent signal processing strategies and challenges associated with the development of sensing and communication systems that coexist with the vehicles and road infrastructure deployed in a given area. We consider a broad definition of coexistence, which covers joint communication and sensing, collaborative communication and sensing, and also interference. We consider an aspect of the coexistence paradigm where the two systems support each other beyond interference mitigation such as sensor-aided communications and communications-aided sensing. This opens up the avenue for the development of multivehicle sensor fusion strategies. We describe recent works that define topologies for combining radar and communication functionalities into the same equipment, drawing on the spectrum scarcity and possible gains from the reuse of resources. In particular, we focus on the joint design of a waveform to mitigate interference, including communications-centric waveforms (OFDMA and 802.11ad), radar-centric waveforms (PMCW), or unified waveforms achieving optimal trade-offs between the two systems.
Speaker(s): , Dr. Kumar Vijay Mishra
One Penn Plaza, 4th Floor, New York, New Jersey, United States, 10119, Virtual:

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