IEEE-DAY,"Advanced Nano-Sensors for Health Care Applications "; GBS BIOMETRIC AND SYSTEMS WEEK, WEBINAR #3 of 4

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With the rapid progress in the field of sensors and instrumentation systems, day by day, there is good technological development in the industry, engineering, medicine, and other scientific fields. However, more sophisticated sensor systems are still required to be developed for fast measurements in an intelligent manner.
In the present talk, the development of new nano-ultrasonic and nano-acoustic sensor systems is described for measurements in a reliable manner for remote monitoring and control of the health of old age patients living in remote and hilly areas.
Advanced acoustic/ultrasonic biomedical sensors and IoT-based systems are presented for healthcare care applications, with the main emphasis on telehealth, The newly developed diagnostic and therapeutic devices by using RFID chips, nano-scale or sensor-enabled radio technologies, and sensor networks would thus be useful for solving the problem of unexplored diseases in the future, as well as for controlling the quality of medicines, drugs, equipment, and physiological event monitoring systems. WSN (Wireless Sensor Networking) is preferred to be used here with the sensing devices for remote applications.
Speaker(s): Prof Singh,

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