IEEE-DAY: " Energy Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles and the Future Trends", VTS WEEK, WEBINAR #2 of 3

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Autonomous driving takes serious computational power, which results in increased fuel consumption in internal combustion engine-based vehicles leading to additional pollution or reducing the energy available for propulsion in electric vehicles. The energy impacts of autonomous vehicles may vary significantly along two pathways: the extent to which the partial or full automation of the autonomous vehicle technology is implemented. With significant energy storage and additional electronics in pure electric vehicles, the additional electronics due to the autonomous functionality may have less impact on the overall energy consumption and hence lower or no contributions to pollution. This presentation discusses the convergence of Electric, Autonomous, and Connected vehicles; Power Consumption problems in CAVs; CAVs and Energy Impact; and the reason for choosing electric connected autonomous vehicles(ECAV). The future trends are briefly presented.
Speaker(s): Prof RAJA,

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