IEEE COMCAS 2023 – May 6, 2023 – Summary / Paper submission deadline (Updated!)

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On behalf of the IEEE COMCAS 2023 Steering Committee, it is our pleasure to launch the 9th International IEEE Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas, Biomedical Engineering and Electronic Systems (IEEE COMCAS 2023).
In 2023 the international IEEE COMCAS will continue to evolve and provide an advanced multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas, research results, and industry experience in a range of key areas i.e., microwaves, communications and sensors, antennas, biomedical engineering, RF and microwave devices and circuits, thermal management and electronic packaging, signal processing and imaging, as well as radar, acoustics and microwave system engineering.
In its entirety the event includes a technical program, industry exhibits, and guest presentations from global experts on recent academic and industry advancements.
In launching the 2023 event, we would also like to welcome you to the sunshine of the eastern Mediterranean, in Tel Aviv. As a cosmopolitan city of stunning views and endless innovation Tel Aviv is a center that resonates with an energized atmosphere, streets of storied history, and an internationally recognized nightlife.
Taking place 6-8 November 2023 in Tel Aviv, Israel, at the David Intercontinental Hotel by the Mediterranean Sea; IEEE COMCAS will continue a biennial series tailored to maximize professional networking, support the candid exchange of ideas, and develop a range of enduring opportunities.
Conference Dates: 6-8 November 2023
Venue: David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel
Important Dates:
– May 6, 2023 – Proposals deadline for workshops, short courses and tutorials
– Updated: May 6, 2023 – Summary / Paper submission deadline
– Updated: July 14, 2023 – Notification of Acceptance
– September 4, 2023 – Speaker's Registration deadline
– September 4, 2023 – Final manuscript submission
Download Call for Papers file (
Papers submission: (
Communications and Sensors
Beyond 5G – Systems & Technologies
AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning in Communications and Sensors
Big Data in Communication Networks
MIMO & Space-Time Coding Technologies
5G systems & Millimeter Wave Propagation
Cognitive Radio & Spectral Sharing
Communications Security
First Responder/Military Communications
Green Communication
Internet of Things
Long Range Low Power Networks
Micro/Pico/Femtocell Devices and Systems
Modulation & Signal Processing Technologies
On-Body and Short Range Communications
Radio over Fiber & Optical/Wireless Convergence
Sensor Networks and Technologies
Software-Defined Radio & Multiple Access
Antennas, Propagation, and Scattering
Antenna Theory and Design
Smart Antennas, Beamforming and MIMO
Wave Propagation and Channel Modeling
Wave Scattering and RCS
NanoEM, Plasmonics, and Applications
Metamaterials, FSS and EBG
EM Field Theory and Numerical Techniques
EM Interference & Compatibility, SI
Spectrum Management and Monitoring
ELF, RF, μWave, mmW and THz Measurements
Electronic Packaging & Thermal Management (P&TM)
Chip, Package and PCB – Design, Advanced Materials and Technologies
Chip & Board Level Assembly
Advanced Packaging – 2.5D, 3D and Heterogenous
3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing of Electronics
Electro Photonics Packaging
Adhesives, Molding & Encapsulation – Materials &
Soldering & Brazing for Electronic Packaging
Bio Medical Packaging
Plating & Coating – Materials & Technologies
Destructive and Non-destructive Testing
Thermal Management in Electronic Systems – Methods,
Modeling and Solutions
Connectors, Cables & Routing
Inspection – Technologies & Methods
Reliability in Electronic Systems
Biomedical EngineeringBig Data in Medicine
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Biomedical Systems and Applications
Advances in Medical Imaging Technology
Medical RF, MW & MMW Applications and Devices
Medical Image Processing
Acousto-Optic Technologies
Novel Therapeutic Modalities
Effects of RF and MW on Biological Tissues
RF/MW Devices and Circuits, RFICs
Solid-State Devices, RFICs
μWave, mmW and Sub-mmW Circuits/Technologies
Nano and THz Devices/Technologies
Microwave Photonics
Passive Components and Circuits
Filters and Multiplexers
Ferroelectrics, RF MEMS, MOEMS, and NEMS
Active Devices and Circuits
RF Power Amplifiers and Devices
Tunable and Reconfigurable Circuits/Systems
Analog/Digital/Mixed RF Circuits
Circuit Theory, Modeling and Applications
Interconnects, Packaging and MCM
CAD Techniques for Devices and Circuits
Emerging Technologies
Internet of Things Devices
Microwave Systems, Radar, Acoustics
Aeronautical and Space Applications
RFID Devices/Systems/Applications
Automotive/Transportation Radar & Communications
Environmentally Sensitive (“Green”) Design
UWB and Multispectral Technologies & Systems
Emerging System Architectures
Modelling Techniques for RF Systems
Radar Techniques, Systems and Applications
Sonar Systems and Applications
Wireless Power Transfer & Energy Harvesting
Terahertz Systems
AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning in Microwave, Radar, and Acoustic Systems
Signal Processing (SP) and Imaging
Microwave Imaging and Tomography
Acoustic/Sonar Imaging and Techniques
Radar SP and Imaging, SAR, ATR
MIMO SP for Radar
Ground and Foliage Penetration Systems
Signal Acquisition and Sensor Management
DF, Emitter Location, Elint, Array Processing
Target Detection, Identification and Tracking
Data Fusion
Time Domain and UWB SP
AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning in Signal and Image Processing
Conference Chair: Shmuel Auster
Technical Program Chair: Amir Boag
DAVID INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv District, Israel

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