IEEE BV-COMSOC Talk: Antennas – From Ham Radio to Modern Communication Systems

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This seminar provides a comprehensive overview of basic antenna theory and the introduction of various antenna types, from Ham Radio to modern communication systems. The seminar will begin with an introduction to basic antenna theory, including the principles of radiation and antenna parameters. After the basics, the seminar will explore various types of antennas and their respective properties and applications. The seminar also covers advanced antenna concepts, antenna arrays and beamforming techniques. Throughout the seminar, the focus is on practical applications and how different types of antennas can be used to advance communication systems.
Speaker(s): Dr. Hanseung Lee ,
Bldg: Cal Lutheran Center for Entrepreneurship (Hub101), 31416 Agoura Rd, Westlake Village, California, United States, 91361, Virtual:

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