Stan Mazor: Reflections on Gordon Moore, Fairchild, and Intel

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This event will be a conversation with Stan Mazor as led by Brian Berg. Stan will discuss his work at Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel under Gordon Moore, and Moore’s impact on these companies and the industry itself. Mazor will also discuss work he did at these companies, including his role in development of Fairchild’s Symbol high-level language for the ( This computer’s implementation of virtual memory led to an early patent for Stan and two others on his team.
The conversation will include Stan’s role in development of Intel’s 4004, the first commercially-available single-chip microprocessor, as well as the 8008 and the very successful 8080. Mazor will also discuss the work he did as an early employee of Silicon Compiler Systems and Synopsys. He will also provide his perspective of the impact of Moore’s Law as he saw technology progress over his career.
Co-sponsored by: IEEE-SCV Life Member Affinity Group (LMAG)
Speaker(s): Stan Mazor, Brian Berg
567 Yosemite Dr, Milpitas, California, United States, 95035, Virtual:

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