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ExCom planning meeting to install new officers and plan events for the coming year.
1. Install our two new officers. I believe that our existing Ex-Comm (Owen, Ian, and Jim S.) are authorized to do this.
2. Approve expenditures for the registration fee for the LMAG conference in April. That would require that any of the officers who wished to attend would have reached a decision regarding whether they wanted to go or not. I believe that Vijay and Jim J. are the only candidates at this point.
3. Authorized an expenditure and decide on a gift/award for former LMAG Secretary Jim Fuller.
4. Generate some ideas and follow-up assignments for planning LMAG events. These might include:
a. the ‘dine and learn’ luncheon events that we did quarterly in pre-COVID times,
b. taking an active role in providing volunteers to the ‘Build Something Cool’ event.
c. facilitating some ‘best practice’ meetings with the student chapters. We have successfully done this in the past. We would need to coordinate with Colleges and Universities Chair Neill Kefauver.
d. soliciting volunteers for upcoming conferences in Denver.
e. identifying a qualified milestone program and a member that might have been involved with that program.
f. identify a suitable member of the Denver LMAG to be interviewed for the IEEE oral history program.
g. and any other ideas that occur to us
Bldg: Golden Hotel, 800 Eleventh Street, Golden, Colorado, United States, 80401

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