"CYBERSECURITY FOR ENGINEERS" Hosted by Technology and Engineering Management (TEM) and Life Members(LMAG), Boston Chapter

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Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. This lecture is to assist by
providing explanations, examples and practices on fundamental principles of a variety of
cybersecurity topics, without getting bogged down into technical details
This lecture is intended to provide ONLY an initial introduction to the field of cybersecurity.
Beginning with a few of the relevant terms and expressions used in the industry, some important
security principles, a brief historical overview and current trends and some solution approaches in brief
will be mentioned.
– Cybersecurity terms, principles, and history
– Basic terminology
– Principles of cybersecurity
– Identifying and managing security risks
– Implementing security controls to reduce security risks
– Detecting and understanding cybersecurity events
– Responding to and recovering from cybersecurity incidents
A brief history of cybersecurity from the past until now in the 2020’s
– Notable cybersecurity attacks
– Cyber phishing attacks
– Large Companies
– Retailers
– Hotels and Hospitality
– Software Platforms
– Email providers
Current challenges
– Attrition
– Skills gap
– Cybersecurity certifications
– Active defensive strategies
– Ethical hacking
– Future of the cybersecurity industry
– DevSecOps
– Artificial intelligence
· Predictions/Conclusion
Co-sponsored by: Lori L. Jeromin, LMAG
Speaker(s): Navid
– Introduction 7pm
– Chair's Remarks 7:05 pm
– Speaker Introduction 7:10 pm
– Lecture 7:15 pm to 8:15 pm
– Closing Remarks 8:30 pm
Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/420919

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