CIT Summer Series – Dan Wolfson – Using Open Source to Accelerate Sustainability Initiatives

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This is the 2nd weekly session of the CIT Summer Series, with Dan Wolfson presenting on Using Open Source to Accelerate Sustainability Initiatives :
Addressing climate change and sustainability is one of the most urgent concerns we face. A key step in addressing these concerns is for organizations to measure, analyze and document their carbon emissions and climate risks. Sustainability and climate reporting is effectively being mandated by both governments and industry. This reporting, however, often requires significant investments in time and resources to design, develop and implement. The right data must be found, prepared and organized to support for instance, calculation of the Greenhouse Gas emissions. This can be a significant challenge. Open source projects, such as Egeria, can play a significant role in accelerating these initiatives. In this talk you will learn about:
– What are some of the key standards and programs for measuring and reporting on Sustainability
– Acceleration through Open Source projects
– An overview of Egeria and it can jumpstart sustainability projects
– A deeper look at the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Carbon Accounting showing how Egeria can help organizations establish and deliver trusted sustainability reports
Speaker(s): Dan Wolfson,

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