A Novel Semiconductor Process to Double Energy Efficiency in Photovoltaic Solar Cells

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This is our first face-to-face meeting since COVID-19. It will be a technical meeting. The first 50 registered members will have the opportunity to join in the lunch meeting.
ABSTRACT: TCAD simulation shows that the PVC metrics (such as Pmax and JSC output) can be increased by integrating SBGR into the PVC wafer during silicon manufacturing. Also, with SBGR PVC, the internal quantum efficiency (IOE) yield (KWh/day) does not decline with increasing wavelengths and as the sun spectrum shifts from UV band to longer wavelengths in Visible and IR bands. If the Solar field (sq-ft area is equal), the SBGR Panels will generate > 9X more KWh/day than conventional panels. This would enable Solar power miniaturization as the required acres could be reduced. As more than 90% of the sun's energy comes from visible and IR bands, SBGR panels are more efficient and increase to 26.9%.
The Agenda is as follows:
– Opening Remarks by Chair
– Discussions of the plans for the year
– Lunch and Talk
– Other Items
– Adjourn
Spring Creek Barbeque Restaurant , 5935 HWY 6, North, Houston, Texas, United States, 77084

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