Benefits and Risks of Affective-Empathic AI, Standards and Ethics

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This roundtable aims to provide a candid exploration of empathic AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Affective Computing balancing the exciting possibilities with the critical need for privacy, human rights, and adherence to standards like the forthcoming IEEE 7014. The expansive expertise of the panelists ensures a rich and insightful discussion, offering valuable perspectives for anyone interested in the future of AI and its societal impact.
We envision this roundtable as a vibrant, interactive forum, recognizing that AI, especially empathy-emulating AI, and Affective Computing is increasingly becoming an integral part of our daily existence. We warmly invite you to contribute your unique perspectives and inquiries, which are essential in shedding light on how to have this technology responsibly integrated into our everyday lives.
Your active participation will enrich our dialogue. Together we will navigate the evolving landscape of empathic AI to ensure a future that resonates with our shared values and aspirations for a compassionate human centric future.
Speaker(s): Hassan Al Shazly, Ph.D., Lubna Dajani, Angelo Ferraro

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