"1st Int'l Boehm Forum on COCOMO® and Sys and Sw Cost Modeling" IEEE OCCS & Boehm CSSE Virtual Conference

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Officially titled "First International Boehm Forum on COCOMO® and Systems and Software Cost Modeling", this year's Forum will focus on Barry Boehm's cost modeling legacy and highlight Barry's foundational contributions to cost modeling related to software and systems engineering. This year’s Forum will continue with the virtual format that seemed to work well last year (under the auspices of USC CSSE). Attendance is only $25, unless you are a student, a member or a speaker.
In addition to the focus above, the conference will address the evolution of these practices as well as the estimation of cost/schedule for all things related to cost of development of software, systems, and system of systems (SoS). This year’s Forum will highlights Barry’s foundational contributions to cost modeling related to software and systems engineering and how these contributions have evolved over time. Additional topics for this year include Product Line Modeling with COPLIMO for Naval Systems; Causal Analysis and its Application to Software and Systems Engineering Cost Estimation; Agile Software Cost and Schedule Models; Expert Opinion and Grassroots Cost Estimation; and Software Licenses and Their Impact on Cost Estimation.
About the Speakers
The keynote speakers will be Rick Selby of Northrop Grumman, and Paul Nielson of SEI).
Speakers being scheduled come from the following organinzations: MDA, NPS, USC, DHS, Galorath, SEI, JPL, NASA, General Dynamics, Unison (FKA Price Systems), Tecolote, Software Metrics, and US Army.
Co-sponsored by: Boehm Center for Systems and Software Engineering
Wednesday, 11/9/2022 (PST)
8:00-10:30 Presentations, including Introduction to BCSSE and Keynote
10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-12:15 Presentations
12:15-1:15 Lunch with Dr. Barry Boehm Video
1:15-2:45 Presentations
2:45-3:15 Break
3:15-5:00 Presentations
Thursday, 11/10/2022
8:00-10:30 Presentations, including Keynote
10:30-10:30 Break
10:30-12:30 Presentations
12:30-1:15 Lunch with Dr. Barry Boehm Video
1:30-3:00 Presentations
3:00-3:30 Break
3:30-5:00 Presentations
Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/331121

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