Australia Capital Territories LMAG (April 2022)

Three of the seven founding members of the Australia Capital Territories LMAG met on April 20 at the cafe of the National Arboretum near Canberra, Australia. This was the first meeting of the newly formed LMAG. They discussed future events of interest to ACT Life Members including regular RENEW meetings being held at Australian National University in Canberra every week and an upcoming TENSYMP 2023 Conference.

South Australia LMAG (August 2022)

The South Australia LMAG held its first in-person meeting since before Covid in cooperation with a Retired Engineers Group (REG) based in Adelaide, South Australia. The event was attended by 94.

Lone Star LMAG (February 2022)

The Lone Star LMAG developed a Special Operations Center (SOC) for the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology (SAMSAT) under Life Member Committee grant funding. This center simulates a cybersecurity center for students using a large wall of monitors and 2 rows of computers with monitors.

Tokyo LMAG (June 2022)

Tokyo LMAG Hosts Evening Salon Extended on June 14, 2022. Tadashi Takano, a IEEE Life Fellow, and Chairman of the Board of the Society for the Space Travel of Japan talked Space Tourism. 98 people attended this Hybrid meeting.

Kolkata LMAG (May 2022)

The Kolkata LMAG and Industrial Applications Society (IAS) sponsored a student visit to Neo Tele-Tronix in Raipur, Kolkata, West Bengal, India on May 21, 2022.